“In house training at the site was good… For my dog the most effective training was the ones that we had in different places that allowed distractions.. Brittany worked excellent with my dog with soooo much patience!!! She did a magnificent job shadowing me while I learned how to respond to my dog’s behavior and lead with ease. My dog has come a very long way.. Our training is almost over and I am really excited about taking more classes in the future!!!! Ready for my next dog” – Vaccarol Jones

“My pup Nauti has done great under the direction & training provided by Britney! Nauti learned really quickly with the use of the e-collar and her classes. It so easy to take him anywhere now and have a well behave canine. Thank You!!” – Michelle Brown

“We can not say enough good things about the experience we had with Britney! She was so kind to us and our 9 month old Great Dane. The very first day she had him sitting and staying with so little effort. Her soft tone with our dog was perfect and she treated our him with so much love and respect during every lesson. If you are in need of having your dog trained and trained well, look no further than Britney! Thank you so much for everything!!!” – Eric and Shannon Jenkins

“Our happy, very friendly, loved by all, 5 month great dane spent 2 weeks with Britney in May. She is the same happy, friendly now WELL TRAINED Shanna-Blue. Opting this time for 8 wk program, Britney now has us watching as our newly adopted 7 month great dane/great pyrenne, Sherlock, is trained by her. Sooo impressive! Britney’s love for dogs and her expert abilities are seen by us and felt by our dogs. Thank you” – Pat and Richard Ellis

“Moose and I have come a long long way! He was adopted and could barely be walked. With the patience of Britney and her direction we have been able to actually walk off leash. A true miracle in my book! We have finished Advance Training and will be moving on to the next level. I can’t wait to see what Moose is truly capable of. Thank you Britney for the excellent training! ” – Celmira McDaniel

“Britney is an awesome trainer. She has been so patient with my one year old Weimaraner and with me. She takes the time to explain what she is doing and why. We have 3 more Advance classes and can’t wait to see how much better he will become! ” – Tammy Milburn

“To whom it may concern, I’m at Britney and was very impressed from the minute I saw her and spoke with her. She connected well with my German Shepherd. I’ve had one lesson so far and absolutely thrilled of what I’ve seen so far. I’m new to the area and it’s been my pleasure to have been able to work with her. I look forward to the rest of our training.” – Kim Sauro