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I wouldn't Trust ANyone Else

My trainer was absolutely amazing!! Our rambunctious 1yr old sheepadoodle was very wild and poorly mannered, and after only 1 week with my trainer came back a perfect pup!! We wouldn’t trust anyone else moving forward with our Bojangles and highly recommend Off Leash K9 Training to anyone who wants a professional and caring trainer.


 Patrick T.  // Verified Facebook Review

can't say enough wonderful things!

My trainer is amazing! Did the basic training with my female black lab and the one week board and train with our massive 90lb…7 month old black lab…can not say enough wonderful things about Jan and Off Leash K9 Training!


Michelle D.  // Verified Facebook Review

We've come So far in a short period of time!

My trainer is fantastic. He is a very patient and knowledgeable trainer. My German Shepherd Apollo is six months old. In one month of training, Apollo has gone from a very mischievous puppy to a very well-behaved puppy. He has come so far in such a short period of time.

He graduated his basic training today!!! With my trainer’s help I have the tools to get Apollo to the amazing obedient dog I know he can be. In the short month he is staying in a sit position and coming when called, he sits on command and will place when given the place command.

If you want your dog and yourself to have the tools to be able to have a very well behaved dog the Myrtle Beach Dog Trainers is the people to call . 


Kenny W.   // Verified Facebook Review

Transformation was Amazing!

My 1.5 year old German Shepherd and I just completed our 8 week basic and advanced training with Britney and we couldn’t be happier with the results! My dog Samson was having a number of issues due to his anxiety, especially after being attacked (on 2 separate occasions) by another dog and suffering some injuries. So he had A LOT of behavioral problems when exposed to new places, people, etc.

After doing a lot of research, I contacted Off Leash and after my first phone conversation with my trainer I knew we found the right place to help us. The transformation I’ve seen in Samson over the past 8 weeks has been truly amazing! Him and I both were a nervous wreck anytime we went somewhere and now we have the confidence to go anywhere together without a leash. My trainer is awesome not only with the dogs, but also with the owners by teaching you how to show your dog what you expect of him/her and feel confident that you are in control in all situations.

Thank you so much, Off Leash K9 Training! We are so grateful for everything she has taught us and I cannot recommend her enough!


Addison N.  // Verified Facebook Review

Absolutely Amazing!

Highly recommend! Our trainer was amazing with our 7 month old GSD, Vala!  Vala lacked confidence from an incident that happened when she was only 10 weeks old where a large dog lunged at her growling and barking. Since that day she was very unsure of other dogs.

After a lot of thought and research we decided to give OLK9 a call. We knew the 2 week board and train was expensive, but to us it was worth it to have our girl’s confidence built back up, get her socialized and help with her obedience.

OLK9 was just absolutely amazing! Our trainer kept in touch the entire two weeks with messages, picture and videos. The transformation of Vala was unreal. To see her playing with other dogs & obeying commands in public with many, many distractions in such a short time frame just blew my mind. Vala is home and is still the loving, energetic girl she was before training. The difference now is that she is a confident & well behaved girl! We have no regrets whatsoever on the cost of the training. It was worth what we spent and then some.

Thank you OLK9!


Gary & Helen S.  // Verified Facebook Review

Thrilled with the Results!

We just had our 2 Great Danes in for Off Leash’s Board and Train program and are completely thrilled with the results. Both Danes have different personalities and both had different issues that needed to be adjusted. My trainer was awesome from day one. She kept us well-informed and sent us updates and pictures or videos almost daily.

Both Danes are now able to heel off-leash and obey commands. We recently took them to a very busy tourist spot and walked them through large crowds of people and many distractions with no issues other than everyone wanting to pet them. We also heard numerous comments on how well behaved ant trained they were.

Prior to this training, both Danes would pull in all directions and easily get distracted by the simplest of things. Its also amazing to see our 8 year old be able to walk our 155lb (and growing) Dane with ease.

We will definitely recommend Off Leash K9 Training to everyone with dogs.


Lori K.   // Verified Facebook Review

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