Nose Work Board & Train


  • Live with a Pro Trainer for 14 days
  • Receive many short sessions each day
  • Proficient in conducting independent searches
  • Alert on odor alone (without the presence of a reward).


Your dog will come and live with one of our trainers for 14 days – where they will achieve all of the items listed in the proficient package. They will be treated as a member of our own family during their stay, while also being worked in many short sessions daily to ensure that they graduate their B&T session able to conduct an independent search and alert on odor alone (without the presence of a reward).

**Some dogs may rapidly excel at nose work and do even more advanced searches in the sessions, and some dogs may need more sessions to complete the curriculum. Nose Work is all positive reinforcement and training is conducted at your dog’s learning pace for optimum results and to ensure the dog is conducting thorough and accurate searches. These packages will NOT certify you in any way to conduct searches for law enforcement or on government property – but is only for those interested in private use such as home entertainment and fun, or even nose work competitions.


Prices are marked at an e-Check (ACH) Discount of 3.99%, so you are saving instantly if you are paying by e-Check. If you pay in any method other than e-Check, you will not be taking advantage of the 3.99% e-Check Discount and the difference will be added to your purchase.

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