1 Week Freedom Board and Train




Need us to do all the basic work? Your dog stays with a Pro Trainer for 1 week and on the last day, we train you on what your dog has learned (90-minute turnover). This package is $1600.00 and includes an e-collar. Your dog will stay with our trainer and learn all the following:

  • “Come,” “Sit,” and “Extended Sit.”
  • “Place” and “Extended Place.” (Your dog will sit on a location that you choose, like his bed, a park bench, a mat, etc.)
  • “Break” Release command.
  • “Heel” They will walk right beside you, either consistently on your left or right side.
  • “Off” Stop doing an undesirable behavior.
  • Extended sit and place means your dog will REMAIN in the sit or place position until YOU tell them to “break” (release them).
  • Greeting Manners – Door Manners – Meal Manners

*Note: This package is not for aggressive dogs.


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